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Transition to school

Home visits/greet and meet

At the end of the summer term, we like to add a personal touch to you and your child’s learning journey with us. Your child’s teacher and teaching assistant like to visit you and your child at home for an individual opportunity for you to ask questions. This personal touch allows our staff to really get to know you and your child – being in their own environment, with familiar surroundings. We bring school photographs and toys for the children to engage with and leave them with a school reading treasure pack sponsored by Alton Infant School HSA (Home School Association). 

Greet and Meet sessions will take place in school in September. This will be an individual opportunity for you to ask questions and for you to provide us with key information about your child.

Pre-school visits

We work closely with all our feeder pre-schools in Alton throughout the year but especially like to take advantage of going in to them to say ‘hello’ to your children and to liaise with the staff to help us to get to know your child. 

Curriculum talks

In early October we like to invite parents into school for our curriculum talk. We incorporate information about ‘how and what’ your children are learning at Alton Infant School and how you as parents can continue to support them at home with their learning too! 
We are looking forward to working with you and your child to ensure that they achieve the very best that they can and that their time with us is remembered fondly.