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Reading and Phonics

At Alton Infant School we intend to equip children with the necessary skills required to become capable and confident readers, thus providing a love of reading and literature. We aim to immerse the children in a rich variety of texts which will inspire their imagination. Because of the rich choice of texts and daily word of the day that is practised throughout school, it is our intent that children will develop an extensive vocabulary that will inspire them to read widely with enjoyment and write clearly and accurately for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. By developing children’s reading and writing we aim to prepare our pupils, and develop their skills, for lifelong learning.

In addition to daily reading and English lessons, we aim for our pupils to succeed with early reading through the excellent teaching of phonics. In order to implement quality teaching and learning of phonics throughout the school, we use the DFE accredited Systematic Synthetic Phonics program ‘Unlocking Letters and Sounds’. Unlocking Locking Letters and Sounds is carefully and systematically designed and planned to enable clear progression, fidelity and complete integration with our fully decodable reading scheme, Reading Stars Phonics.

Please see below for further information about Unlocking Letters and Sounds.