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About Us & Safeguarding

On behalf of the staff and governors

'Welcome to Alton Infant School'

As a Rights Respecting School we believe that:

'Every child has the right to an education. Primary education must be free. Discipline in schools must respect children's dignity' Article 28. 'Education must develop every child's personality, talents and abilities to the full'

Article 29

           A message from our Headteacher.
Alton Infant School is a very special place.  The school has a family feel and everything that we do is underpinned by excellent teaching and learning, high levels of care and compassion and our strong vision and values. At Alton Infant School we are committed to helping your child be the best they can be, both personally and academically. We believe that all children are born with potential and that every child is unique and talented within their own individual gifts, skills and interests.
We believe in educating the ‘whole child’ and encouraging and teaching children to work to high academic, personal and social standards. We insist on excellent behaviour and we aim for all of our children to leave us as confident, well-rounded, thoughtful and caring individuals. Pupils leave our school with a love of learning and a strong ability to work both independently and collaboratively. Our pupils learn to think about others and they develop a strong sense of respect for the views and beliefs of others. We aim to equip our children with the skills, independence and values they need for lifelong learning and successful lives.
At Alton Infant School, we teach child-friendly learning behaviours, encourage children to know how they learn best and to ‘be the best they can be’. Pupils need to understand why learning is important and to be as involved as much as possible in their own learning. We get to know each pupil extremely well, recognise their potential, tailor to their individual learning needs and support each pupil’s learning with high quality teaching, learning and resources. We believe in encouraging pupils to take risks, initiate their own ideas and to face challenges and difficulties with a resilient attitude. We aim to teach pupils how to maintain a healthy focus within their learning, to develop good levels of concentration and an ability to pay good attention to detail.
We offer an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum that is enriched by visitors, educational visits and memorable experiences.  Through our curriculum, we also encourage our children to develop enquiring minds, self-confidence and self-discipline. We also provide our children with a caring, secure and safe, learning environment and the support to explore and grow as they learn. At Alton Infant School we teach and embed skills that enable pupils to confidently access their next stage of education and apply their taught skills in real life situations and problems.
We seek to help pupils experience a sense of intrinsic pride and satisfaction within their learning and encourage them to reflect and think critically and creatively. Our pupils are taught to develop, test and predict their own ideas and to apply their learning to solve problems and explore patterns and links within different areas.
Children feel safe and happy in school and they tell me that they look forward to coming to school every day. We offer services that extend the day in the mornings and afternoons as well as a range of extra-curricular after school learning opportunities.
Alton Infant School plays a vital role in the local community and within the town of Alton itself.
Please do read our latest OFSTED report in which the following positive attributes were reported:-
• There is a strong focus on learning behaviours and attitudes, which is embedded well within school life. Pupils reflect on how they can be more successful in their learning.
• Pupils often demonstrate thinking skills and knowledge beyond their years.
• Pupils’ behaviour is a particular strength of the school. They support and cooperate well, sharing resources and helping each other. This reflects the schools high expectations.
• Pupils are routinely challenged because responsive teaching meets pupils' needs very well.
• Leadership in the early years has ensured that high quality teaching, carefully planned activities and a strong focus on children's next steps enable them to make good progress.
• The curriculum is broad and well-developed to provide a wide range of interesting and motivating activities.
If you would like to visit Alton Infant School, I would welcome the opportunity to show you around our lovely school. Please contact the office on:-
Tel: 01420 83857
I look forward to welcoming you to Alton Infant School.
Richard Mead